Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ringleader 1.1 Released

Update - Ringleader 1.1 released...

  • Force-close issue fixed with Gmail notifier (this may fix other force-close issues with 3rd party applications as well)
  • Misc. Stability fixes
  • Added "Ringleader Pro" market button to the "About" button (Ringleader Free)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to use Ringleader

When you install Ringleader you must first setup your ringtone associations so that Ringleader knows what applications map to what ringtones. To do this, you must go into each of your application settings and re-choose your notification / ringtone sound using Ringleader. For example, to enable Ringleader to manage your Gmail ringtone, you would open the Gmail application and then select "Settings" from the menu. From within the settings menu for Gmail, choose "Select ringtone". You will be presented with a dialog entitled "Complete action using" and you must choose "Ringleader" at this point. You will now be able to select your desired ringtone and once this ringtone is chosen, you should now be able to see Gmail in the "Active Ringtones" tab within Ringleader. This is a one-time process to setup each of the applications that you want to manage within Ringleader.

You may have to reset your system defaults if you are not given an option to choose Ringleader as your ringtone picker. To do this, go to your Android Settings --> Applications --> Manage Applications and search for "Android System". Tap on "Android System" and then choose "Clear defaults". If you are using another application as your default ringtone picker, then you would need to clear that application's defaults instead.

Ringleader 1.0 Released

I have released Ringleader Free and Pro to the Market (Version 1.0).

Ringleader allows you to manage your application ringtones through one central screen. You can create multiple ringtone profiles (Home, Work, School) and define different ringtones for each application per profile. Ringleader also has the ability to set your ringtone and notification volume levels for each profile as well.

Ringleader free is ad-based and does not have as many features as Ringleader Pro.

Ringleader Pro offers the following extras:
  • Widget (allows you too view your active profile and switch profiles)
  • Tasker plug-in (I think it will work with Locale but I haven't tested)

I am planning on adding the following updates to Ringleader Pro in the future:

  • Volume adjustments (like media volume) and vibrate modes
  • Ability to set and switch contact ringtones

If you download and use Ringleader, please rate it and provide feedback so I can continue to improve this application.