Monday, November 29, 2010

What is the difference between WhoIsIt and Ringleader?

I have had a few questions regarding the differences between WhoIsIt and Ringleader, so I thought I should answer them here...

Basically, I designed Ringleader to provide the ability to have different "sound profile" settings for your applications. The purpose would be to assign certain appropriate ringtones / volume settings for different situations such as work, school, etc. Ringleader also provides a way to manage all of your application ringtones through one central screen. That is the basic functionality of Ringleader.

WhoIsIt on the other hand was designed to setup custom contact ringtones for phone calls, Gmail, SMS, and MMS. It also includes the ability to setup VIP contacts and adjust your volume and vibration settings within each profile (just like Ringleader).

The only thing that the two applications really have in common is the ability to setup profiles and control the volume and vibration settings for your phone.

I added the ability within WhoIsIt to switch your Ringleader profile when you switch your WhoIsIt profile. I did this to help any Ringleader users out there so that they did not need to adjust there WhoIsIt profile and then adjust their Ringleader profile. I just gave them the ability to automate things if they decide they need to do so.

I hope that helps explain the differences between Ringleader and WhoIsIt a bit better.



WhoIsIt - Release Version

The release version of WhoIsIt has been published to the Market. The beta version is also available in the Market and will continue to function until December 3rd. Both versions have the same functionality.

Here is the AppBrain link:

I am also working to add the ability to schedule your profile settings within WhoIsIt. This will appear as a third tab within WhoIsIt which will allow you to define times / days that specified profiles will become active.
Thanks again for helping with the beta and purchasing WhoIsIt!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

WhoIsIt .90 Beta Published to the Market!

I have just published the WhoIsIt Beta to the Market and I'm looking for some testers. WhoIsIt allows you to setup different ringtones and vibration patterns for you Gmail, SMS, and MMS messages. Ringtones and vibrations can be setup on a per-contact-basis as well. Other features include:
  • Ability to setup VIP contacts for Gmail, SMS, and MMS
  • Allow VIP contacts to ring / notify for Gmail, SMS, and MMS even when in Silent mode
  • Announce incoming caller and SMS/MMS sender
  • Define different volume / vibration profiles
  • Widget for easily switching profiles
  • Tasker plugin
  • Disable LEDs on a per-profile basis
  • Ringleader integration

If you are interested, you can download WhoIsIt from the Market. Just search for "WhoIsIt" and you should find it.