Monday, November 29, 2010

WhoIsIt - Release Version

The release version of WhoIsIt has been published to the Market. The beta version is also available in the Market and will continue to function until December 3rd. Both versions have the same functionality.

Here is the AppBrain link:

I am also working to add the ability to schedule your profile settings within WhoIsIt. This will appear as a third tab within WhoIsIt which will allow you to define times / days that specified profiles will become active.
Thanks again for helping with the beta and purchasing WhoIsIt!


  1. Andy,
    I see you are working on other features to add to WhoIsIt. Has there been any thought into corporate email integration? This would work perfectly for nights that I am on call.

  2. can i ask a question in this blog, or if not then where? i am having trouble getting whoisit to identify emails coming to my phone from a VIP account, so that the application isn't working for me. i need some advise i guess. help? dahlheim at gmail dot com.

  3. I tried posting this bug in the comments of the market, but they give a pitiful amount of space, so it was incoherent. I found a bug: if you already have set up special tones for a contact, when toggling 'show configured contacts,' whle it is unchecked, all contacts show the same default ringtones including the contact you set special tones for, then if you select that contact to make changes again (or even if you don't make a change), then recheck 'show configured contacts,' that contact will appear twice in the list -- once with the original settings, then with the second set of changes. I hope that all makes sense and can be corrected.