Monday, November 29, 2010

What is the difference between WhoIsIt and Ringleader?

I have had a few questions regarding the differences between WhoIsIt and Ringleader, so I thought I should answer them here...

Basically, I designed Ringleader to provide the ability to have different "sound profile" settings for your applications. The purpose would be to assign certain appropriate ringtones / volume settings for different situations such as work, school, etc. Ringleader also provides a way to manage all of your application ringtones through one central screen. That is the basic functionality of Ringleader.

WhoIsIt on the other hand was designed to setup custom contact ringtones for phone calls, Gmail, SMS, and MMS. It also includes the ability to setup VIP contacts and adjust your volume and vibration settings within each profile (just like Ringleader).

The only thing that the two applications really have in common is the ability to setup profiles and control the volume and vibration settings for your phone.

I added the ability within WhoIsIt to switch your Ringleader profile when you switch your WhoIsIt profile. I did this to help any Ringleader users out there so that they did not need to adjust there WhoIsIt profile and then adjust their Ringleader profile. I just gave them the ability to automate things if they decide they need to do so.

I hope that helps explain the differences between Ringleader and WhoIsIt a bit better.




  1. Sorry for posting this here, but I have no idea how to get in touch with you. I'm a registered user, and ever since I loaded the most recent version I don't have the widgets that allowed profile changing. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and it's still not working. Any ideas?


    RonnyNussbaum at gmail dot com

  2. Yes, sorry for my ignorance also, but a question: I really like your programs. I have both installed and configured, but for some reason, the led disabling feature doesn't work when I let Ringleader have control. Everything else seems to be fine, but for me this is kind of a deal breaker. Help? Droid X stock. Thanks.

  3. Since the last update I've noticed something I'm not fond of. There's not an option for turning off vibrate for all calls as in past versions. Could this be added back into the app?

  4. I've also noticed that when I receive a call the volume goes to MAX and I have to turn it down each time. Not trying to be nitpicky just trying to help out.

  5. I just bought whoisit and I like it a lot but is there a way to make my sms changes work for google voice as opposed to the native messaging app? thanks!

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  7. I have a Droid Incredible and can't get the Ringer to work with the Announcements for incoming "KNOWN CONTACT" phone calls. I have tried reinstalling with no profiles or contacts modified but still the same problem. For some strange reason "UNKNOWN CONTACTS" will work with the Caller Announce feature. Mark

  8. Like several others, I wasn't sure the best way to send you feedback. I'll try this.

    I have a feature request that I'd like to submit for Ringleader Pro:

    Not all Android apps that provide notifications, register their ringer in a way that RLP recognizes. I have a few that, after selecting a ringer, don't show up in the ringer profile in RLP.

    So, I was thinking, it would be nice if in RLP, I could create an "application" of my own naming. So, I might (in RLP) create an app named "SMSManagerPro", and another named "AwesomeGameIlike" (just as made up examples). In RLP, I could set those "applications" to a different ringer (or even silent) in the various profiles. I picture RLP creating a dummy sound file in the right folder on the SD card named "RLP_SMSManagerPro.mp3", and another named "RLP_AwesomGameIlike.mp3". Then, in SMS Manager Pro, I could select "RLP_SMSManagerPro" as the ringer sound, and in Awesome Game I Like, I could select "RLP_AwesomeGameIlike" from the ringer list.

    Then, every time I switch profiles using RLP, RLP would copy the real sound file that I configured in that profile to "RLP_SMSManagerPro.mp3", and to "RLP_AwesomeGameILike.mp3" in the SD card. (Or, if I configured "silent", copy some dummy,0 second, silent sound file, copy that to those two file names)

    The actual apps would be none the wiser, as they would always find, and play the one file name that I chose for them. But, every time I switch profiles in RLP, the actual content/sound of those special files would change to the real sound that I want for that profile.

    That would allow RLP to manage ringers (or even silence) ringers for all apps, not just those that cooperate so that they work with RLP as it's coded now.

    I'm using RLP version 1.3.3 on an HTC Evo 3D, with Android 2.3.4.

    Many thanks. I absolutely love RLP, as it is the only app that I've found that reasonably replaces the superb ringer profile management on the Blackberry that I defected from. Well designed!