Sunday, January 16, 2011

WhoIsIt 1.3.7 Released!

WhoIsIt version 1.3.7 has just been published to the market. This update includes the following:
  • Fixed display issue where ringtones would default to "Silent" when setting contact preferences.

  • Added ability to silence ringtone notifications by touching your screen or pressing the "Home" or "Back" buttons (screen must be turned on first).

  • Misc. bug fixes.


  1. I am having trouble with double notifications for contacts that do not have custom profiles. I have all of the ringers and notifications turned off on the phone and followed all of the instructions on the app. Help! I have a droid incredible.

  2. I'm using this app (1.3.7) with a Fascinate, stock 2.1 update 1, dl09 build and since installing WhoIsIt my keyboard closes if I am inputting something while I receive an SMS. This has occurred several times while texting different or the same contact as the incoming message and I believe while using the browser (not 100% sure.)
    I like the idea of the profiles but not having them tied to a scheduler, as I cannot maintain regular hours day to day. I would not have paid had I known this. My thought was the profiles would be selectable via Widgets or, in my preference, as options alongside the stock silent profile when pressing the power button.
    Cheers on a good app, though not perfect for me.

  3. In a future release a way to set the number of repeats for caller announcement. Sometimes you do not hear the first announce and need it repeated

  4. Just published version 1.5 to the Market. This should fix the "keyboard closing" issue. I'll add the announcement repeat option to my list. :)