Thursday, February 3, 2011

WhoIsIt 2.0 Released!

WhoIsIt 2.0 has just been released! There are quite a few new features:

* Added Google Talk support.

* Added Google Voice support.

* Added K-9 support.

*Options to selectively allow WhoIsIt to manage notifications.

*Option to toggle handling of unknown callers.

* Reorganized preferences.


  1. Wondering if you could add a feature where the emergency contact would only ring after a second attempt, meaning if it was just a normal call it would ignore but if it were say an emergency and the person kept trying. Does that make sense?

  2. Quite impressive app. Would you be able to perfect it by allowing multiple contacts configuration?

  3. Great app! If could add someting like, first vibrate (5s) then Ring (increasing volume),
    will make this app even better!


  4. I'll have to see about the multiple contacts configuration... It would depend on how easily I could incorporate it into the interface. I like the idea of an emergency contact being able to ring through after XX number of attempts. I'll look into this.

  5. Is the Google Voice feature for notifications only, or can I have it use a different ringtone when someone calls my GV number?

  6. Great app. One feature I would love to see added would be a timer. So you could load a profile for xx minutes the reload another. Such for a hour long meeting load a silent profile then after an hour a normal profile would reload. That make sense?