Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WhoIsIt Lite is Available in the Market!

I have released a free version of WhoIsIt to the Market. WhoIsIt lite provides a subset of features found in the paid version of WhoIsIt.

What does WhoIsIt Lite offer?
  • Custom ringtones, announcements, and vibrations for phone calls, Gmail, SMS, MMS, GTalk, GVoice, and K-9

What is not included in WhoIsIt Lite?

  • Profiles
  • Profile Scheduling
  • VIP contacts
  • Widgets
  • Tasker integration


  1. RCH @ RHagyVzW@gmail.comApril 20, 2011 at 12:50 PM

    Hi awjones,

    I have been using Ringer Pro almost since getting my latest Android (HTC Thunderbolt from VZW) but never liked that I couldn't set different ringtones for my Google Talk contacts. While looking around for alternatives yours immediately came up which is great! The only problem I'm having is that the GT contacts aren't coming up separately - it's all still the general tone I set earlier on or silent. Any help is greatly appreciated. Feel free to e-mail me at RHagyVzW@gmail.com - thanks!

  2. Can you tell me if whoisit lite or the pro version, is compatable with handcent sms


  3. is there anyway to trim the ringtone for sms/mms down to about 10 seconds or so?
    i assigned a song from my music folder to individual contacts so i know who is sending me the text but when i receive a text the whole song plays and i can't figure out how to stop it!

  4. @anonymous - Use Ringdroid (http://market.android.com/details?id=com.ringdroid) to edit your ringtones to make shorter versions.

    @developer - I am loving this app so far, but the tones don't work for GTalk. I am using a Samsung Epic on 2.2.

  5. Everything is perfect about this app except for one thing: vibration selection.

    Why can I not use the phone default vibration for anything except "Default Phone Vibration?" I am forced to use the -. vibration styles for my Google Talk preferences. Putting in ---- does not give me a long vibration, but instead, four distinct - vibrations.

    Is it possible for you to update the app and allow for us to select "Phone Default" for all vibration settings? I would much prefer the default long continuous vibration offered by my phone.

  6. Hi there :)

    Having some real issues with WhoCallsMeLite at the moment, am all up to date with it, and it was working fine up to a few days ago. I use Go SMS Pro, and it WAS working without any problems at all. I suspect something that has updated in GoSMS that has stopped WhoCallsMe from seeing SMS Messages coming in. The voice announces Emails and Phone Calls, but SMS/MMS messages are not announced.

    Can you email me on 0ddness.bl0g@gmail.com or reply here with any possible fixes/solutions please.

    Many thanks,


  7. I have to change out my DROID 2 and was wondering how I re-install the whoisit that I purchased without having to purchase it again?

  8. Ive been using this app for a few months and its great... But lately its been resetting my preferred ringtones to default any suggestions don't know if its a bug... Htc inspire

  9. Hi Andy,
    I don't know if you've heard, but the recent "upgrade" to the official Gmail app has broken the gmail announcement functionality in your app. I've sent the bug reports when it FC's, but not sure if they go to you or Google!

    It's a permissions issue - several apps that interact with Gmail on Android (2.2) have suffered the same problem.

    Would love to get this resolved ASAP. If there's anything I can do to help: stack traces, testing etc, I'm very willing to assist.

    Good luck!


  10. Andy,
    Is it possible to add options to control calendar events/reminders in "who is it" under profiles?

  11. Hi there,

    As reported on the market (and by email) whoisitlite stopped working after the last gmail update. It does not announce gmail anymore it just crashes every time a mail comes in... This makes it unusable at the moment, which is so sad, I love this app..

  12. Also having issues whit gmail. WhoIsIt Lite crashes every time an email is received.

  13. Hi Handy andy
    I'm writing you because I had some issues with AppExtractor. Well it's a great app I used it to restore some few important data and apk. However the contact restore failed.
    I don't think it's because AppExtractor do it wrong. I think i did something wrong when I backup my Rom. But I'm pretty sure that I've my contacts saved in the data.img generated by Clockworkmod Recorevery.
    So my question is. Is it possible for you to add a feature to that create a file which can be read by an human? Or if you don't want ( don't have time) is it possible to have the source code of AppExtractor just to know how did you proceed to extract some data from img file build by Clockworkmod recovery
    Sorry for my english and i hope what I write makes sense.

  14. Secondly i will donwload Whoisit because it seems to be a great app.
    I needed something like that

  15. Is there a way to restore WhoIsIt Lite settings from a backup to WhoIsIt?

  16. I have an issue with 2.8.? with duplicate ringtones for "unknown callers" - it fires both the standard ringtone and the unknown at the same time. To fix I tried going to the system ringtone and choosing silent. This works UNTIL I go into who is it and select the same or different ringer. It defaults the system ringer to whatever I chose in the app. If I go to whoisit and just check which ringer its set to then hit cancel it doesn't change the system setting. No double-fire when system set to silent. Any chance for a fix? Actually this has been since I installed, just never got around to contacting anyone. EPIC 4G Gingerbread thanks.

    1. Its only on "unknown". Not phone or notification.

  17. Is there any way to contact Andy for support? I've been using WhoIsIt for months without any issues and suddenly last week it stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. I need this app because I don't want to turn off my phone in case my disabled husband needs to get in touch with me, or his hospital calls but at the same time I don't want foolish texts bothering me at 3 am.

    I can be reached at joysfree at hotmail dot com.

  18. Do you need caller ID on your phone in order for this app to work? I am looking for an app that will give me distinctive tone notification capabilities for calls and texts. I refuse to pay $8.00/month for caller ID, but would pay for an app that would give me this. Any suggestions/help would be great

  19. Does this developer still exist? No updates in a year?

  20. Hey Andy, this is Lake Hoo from Xiaomi corporation. We would love to add your app to our MIUI app market, could you please help me to reach to your distribution or business development team? Thanks!
    My email is hubo@xiaomi.com, if you have any questions or doubts please feel free to contact.

  21. because of some contacts whoisit does not work? plays the default ringtone

  22. when calls come in from numbers not in contact list, the phone rings forever until rebooted.