Friday, October 1, 2010

Ringleader 1.2 Released

I have just published Ringleader 1.2 to the Market and there are quite a few changes...

  • You can now define multiple ringtone associations for applications like Gmail, Contacts, Alarms.

  • I have added a ton of volume / vibration controls.

  • Added the ability to remove ringtone associations.

  • Bug fixes (hopefully gets rid of a lot of the force-close issues that have been reported)

  • Ability to add ringtone descriptions (helpful for apps with multiple ringtones)

Please let me know your experiences with this new version!

Also, if you run into any issues... You may want to try clearing your application data, deleting the "RingLeader" folder from your SD card, and then rebooting your phone. I have made a lot of changes, so if you are experiencing force-close issues you should consider doing this.



  1. Thanks for the great app!
    Two requests: a better upgrade path to the Pro version (which I just bought), and could you possibly register the app to be invoked from the search-button long-press? That's for a fast way to open it from anywhere so it's quick and easy to change volume levels (RVolumeControl does this but I'd much rather use RLP).


  2. Hi Rasha,

    Thank you for the suggestions! I have been thinking about implementing a way to upgrade from the Free to the Pro version and retaining your ringtone settings. I will definitely be looking into a way to handle this.

    I like the idea of the search-button long-press too. I'll see what I can do! ;)

    Thank you!