Monday, October 18, 2010

Ringleader 1.3.1 Update

Ringleader 1.3.1 published to the market.
  • Added option to diable LED notifications (Pro version)
  • Bug fixes


  1. Hi. Liked seeing the option to disable the led notifications. Just tested it with email though and it did not appear to work. verified the option to disable was checked.

    Running 2.2 on droid x

    Thank you

  2. Hi Henry,

    What email application are you using? I am also running 2.2 / Droid X and have tested it with Gmail, Handcent SMS, and Google Talk and it is working with those applications.

  3. Gmail, yahoo and also tested missed calls. LED still lit up on all of those. I'll go back and test again though. ..thanks

  4. Hi. Just tested again.also received a text. Led is still coming on.

  5. I just posted a new version 1.3.2 to the Market. Can you see if this version resolves the LED issue? It looks like there was a conflict with Yahoo mail.

  6. Hi.thanks for the udated code. yahoo works now but still no luck with missed calls or texts received