Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ringleader 1.3.2 Update

Ringleader 1.3.2 has been released.
  • Added transparency to text label on 1x1 widget (Ringleader Pro)
  • Fixed issue with LED disabling not working in some cases (Ringleader Pro)
  • Bug fixes


  1. Hey Andy, Can you put schedules in RingLeader so profiles change automatically based on the time of day, day of week, or meetings in your calendar? I would love it to change to my Work profile at 9am and back to my Normal profile at 6pm every day.

    Thanks! This is the best profile app I've seen so far!

  2. Thanks for the post! I may consider adding schedules to Ringleader in the future. It would be a very nice feature to have. I am actually using Tasker in conjunction with the Ringleader plug-in to switch my profiles based on time of day. Do you have Tasker? You can automate pretty much anything on your phone based on conditions / events using Tasker.

  3. Funny you should ask about tasker. I literally was about to download it but thought I'd check to see if you responded to my comment. Great minds think a like!

    I will give it a try!

  4. Hi Andy,

    I am new to your App...I was wondering if it repeats notifications or if you can ask it to as my old phone did this as was really handy as I don't always hear the alerts the first time. It used to keep repeating until you looked at the txt/alarm/appointment reminder.

    Kind Regards

  5. Are you referring to Ringleader or WhoIsIt? Ringleader only manages your ringtones for your various applications... It doesn't handle anything regarding repeat notifications. The WhoIsIt beta does not currently repeat Gmail, SMS/MMS notifications but this feature is on the list of additions I would like to include.

  6. Andy - Just downloaded Ringleader and so far love the idea. Playing with Free, but looks like worth going Pro.

    However, I use Nitrodesk's Touchdown for Exchange mail, and Ringleader doesn't seem to recognize Touchdown as an app that it can manage. Is that something that's possible or planned?


  7. Andy, I downloaded Ringleader Pro and I'm trying to assign a different ringtone to each corporate email account. Is there a place that you can point me for instructions on how to make that work? Thanks, Dan

  8. Hi Andy,

    I purchased and installed RingLeader Pro on my Droid X (OS 2.2.1), and setup Gmail to go through RingLeader. I see Gmail listed in Ring Leader, but no matter what I do, I still get green LED notifications when I get a new email in Gmail. Any idea what's happening?

  9. Hi-
    I just bought ringleader pro and i cna't figure out how to separate the notification volume level from the ringer level. Any tips? I want to set a profile for "phone only" so that I get calls but do not get notifications for emails, etc.
    Thank you,
    New Droid Pro user

  10. Hi Andy,

    Just moved from a Desire to an HTC Merge. Reinstalled my Ringleader Pro, but now the 'Notifications' level slider won't move. It's a darker color and I can't adjust it. Seems I remember something about this before, but I can't figure it out again... what do I need to do to allow that to be adjusted in my profiles?

    Thanks! LOVE the app!